Violence and the Sacred

Further work after reading René Girard's 'Violence and the Sacred' and 'The Scapegoat'.

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♱ worshiping: Olympus

♱ camouflaged victim: lions

♱ true victim1: Heracles

♱ true victim2: Deianira

♱ true victim3: Nessus

♱ true victim4: Megara and the children

♱ worshiping: God

♱ camouflaged victim: a lamb

♱ true victim1: Cain

♱ true victim2: Abel

♱ true victim3: Christians

♱ worshiping: Dionysus

♱ camouflaged victim: an wild animal

♱ true victim1: Pentheus

♱ true victim2: Agave, Ino and Autonoë